King John

directed by Teresa Thuman

Corey McDaniel and Wayaln Shaples. Photo by Ken HolmesThe 13th Century has just begun and the English crown is being contested - both France and Austria are threatening war. Disagreement is at the core of a story filled with political intrigue, assassination plots, unfortunate accidents and the never-ending conflict between England and France. Combining the ruthlessness of Richard III, the antics and moral uncertainty of Hamlet and the raw familial relationships of King Lear, you may find yourself in the world of a play that seems strangely familiar. This rarely produced gem is not to be missed.


Running from July 10-August 15, 2009

in alphabetical order

Zach Adair
Rob Faulconbridge / Austria / Bigot
Erin Day
Anthony Duckett
Arthur / Henry
Ashley Flannegan
Matthew Gilbert
Saulsbury / Chatillon
Drew Hobson
Josh Krupke
King Philip
Corey McDaniel
King John
Amelia Meckler
Lady Faulconbridge / Pembroke
Andrew J. Perez
Walayn Sharples
Chris Shea
Daniel Stoltenberg