Shakespeare in the Park - 2011

GreenStage is pleased to present our 2011 summer season

The 2011 Shakespeare in the Park season has closed. We hope you were one of the nearly ten thousand people who made it out to see our shows!


Seattle | Lynnwood | Redmond | Fall City | Burien 

ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA - Shakespeare’s beautiful telling of one of history’s greatest and most ill-fated romances. It is two years after the death of Julius Caesar and a new Caesar, Octavius, is coming into his own. Aging Mark Antony, one of the three rulers of Rome, lives a lavish life of passion and indulgence with Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt. As Octavius and Rome pressure him to return to his duties, Antony and Cleopatra struggle to keep their own power while sharing a passion that tests their allegiances and begs the question, “What is life without love?” 

Featuring: Wilson Carpenter, Matthew Gilbert, Jalyn Green, Kyle McAuley, Geoff Ramler, Caleb Slavens, Allison Strickland, Daniel Stoltenberg, Bryan Sullivan, Kate Sumpter, Mckenna Turner, Lyam White, and Amy Williams.

Pictured: Allison Strickland as Cleopatra and Lyam White as Antony. Photo by Melizabethe Photography.

THE TEMPEST - On an isolated, magical island, Prospero, the exiled Duke of Milan and self-taught sorcerer lives in banishment. For years, his only company has been his brave young daughter, an airy magical spirit and an enslaved monster. Despite the passage of time, Prospero hungers for revenge and the opportunity comes when a powerful storm shipwrecks his usurping brother,  other nobles, and some very colorful characters  on the island. Shakespeare’s final and most personal play, The Tempest is a powerful and often funny story of love, forgiveness and redemption. 

Featuring: Anthony Duckett, Justine Freese, hauna Freidenberger, Matthew Fullbright, John Eric Hegstad, Ken Holmes, Alyssa Kay, Don MacEllis, Mok Moser, Michael Ramquist, Gina Russell, Gianni Truzzi, and Daniel Wood.

Pictured: Ken Holmes as Prospero and Gina Marie Russell as Ariel. Photo by Melizabethe Photography.