Directed by: 
Teresa Thuman

The great military hero Othello has landed a plum assignment and has a new bride, but gets tangled in a web of doubt and betrayal weaved by his slighted and scheming underling Iago.   Jealousy, intrigue, and revenge are central themes of one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies.  With Othello, GreenStage joins an exclusive club of theatres that have produced Shakespeare’s entire Canon – KABOOM!


Pictured: (left) Johnny Patchamatla and Martyn G. Krouse; (center) Libby Barnard and Johnny Patchamatla; (right) Libby Barnard, Johnny Patchamatla and Martyn G. Krouse

The Cast

Libby Barnard: Desdemona
Emily Feliciano: Bianca
Ashley Flannegan: Emilia
Adrian Cerrato: Duke of Venice/Ensemble
Matt Jeakle: Gratiano/Ensemble
Martyn G. Krouse: Iago
Denny Le: Montano/Ensemble
Laurie Nelson: Roderigo
Johnny Patchamatla: Othello
Craig Peterson: Cassio
Michael Ramquist: Brabantio/Ensemble
Eli Simons: Lodovico/Ensemble


Performance Schedule: